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We continue to explore and investigate major challenges associated with the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, text mining, big data, computer vision, and more. Some of our areas of interest include open domain question answering, machine translation, sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, neural networks, and algorithms.

Latest News

  • Lab Hosts Event Over Intelligence Augmentation Future
    The UAFS Artificial Intelligence Lab hosted a monthly meeting where faculty, members, and invited guests contemplated the future of intelligence augmentation and artificial intelligence. As the field of artificial intelligence continues to grow, numerous challenges remain unanswered, and the research lab seeks to explore some of these problems and formulate potential solutions. Individuals in the…
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab Faculty Awarded Grant to Research Fake News and Disruptive Content
    Faculty members from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering were awarded a research grant to explore the rapidly growing area of fake news and disruptive content. The rise and popularity of social media services have largely contributed to the spread of content that can be factually incorrect for a number of reasons, including comedic…
  • Automating Fake News Detection using Deep Learning
    Fake news is a widespread problem that affects people daily. The widespread adoption of social media facilitates the dissemination of articles with the intention to deceive readers. The goal of our work is to automatically detect fake news articles using deep learning while improving upon existing approaches. More information on this is coming soon.
  • UAFS ParkBot: Automatic License Plate Detection
    Several advancements in image processing research have greatly improved our ability to construct models capable of image recognition and classification with low latency. We built a prototype autonomous vehicle that is capable of automatically detecting license plates on campus using IoT sensors and hardware. More information on this is coming soon.
  • Predicting the Winner of Fighting Game Competitors
    Machine learning and artificial intelligence provides a wide range of applications that can be observed in everyday tasks. Our lab investigated the application of machine learning algorithms to learning the patterns that determines the winner of competitive fighting games. More information on this is coming soon.
  • Welcome to the UAFS AI Lab
    Welcome to the UAFS Artificial Intelligence Lab’s online laboratory. Our mission is to advance the field of artificial intelligence through our theoretic and applied research and share our knowledge with others in the community. Through the faculty, staff, students, alumni, collaborators, and industry partners who actively work to help us meet this goal, the UAFS…

Artificial Intelligence Lab Mission

We investigate and solve problems using advanced techniques from the field of computer science.

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