Lab Events

The Artificial Intelligence Lab at UAFS hosts several events throughout the year. These events are open to the public, members of the UAFS community, students in the Computer Science department, or AI Lab members. The audience is denoted by each event.

Artificial Intelligence Lab Salon Event

The salon events are gatherings that are conducted between Artificial Intelligence lab members and invited guests where a specific topic is discussed amongst all of the participants. The goal is engage a community of individuals who specialize in artificial intelligence and create an atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged through lively discussion. Each event explores a different topic as part of the broader artificial intelligence research area. No electronic devices are permitted at the event.

Audience: These events are limited to UAFS Artificial Intelligence Research Lab members and invited guests.

Frequency: Monthly

UAFS AI Lab Meeting

Artificial Intelligence Lab Research Update

Research updates are held once a semester to showcase and highlight trending topics in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence. We review current work that has been pursued and review novel solutions to current and future problems. Research from the lab is showcased.

Audience: These events are open to the UAFS general community,

Frequency: Semester

Machine Learning Workshops

Members from the lab host faculty, staff, and students from the computer science, engineering, and mathematics/statistics departments to learn about the applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, etc. These hands-on events provide attendees with access to the latest tools and resources to solve problems.

Audience: These events are open to the UAFS general community,

Frequency: Semester