Kyle Kelly

Departmental Lab Assistant
Computer Science Major / Math Minor
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Specialization
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

About Me

My name is Kyle Kelly and I am currently pursing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. I currently work in as a departmental lab assistant in the A.I. Lab at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith under the direction of Professor Mackey.

Research Interests

My academic interests are currently in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, deep learning, and neural networks.


  • NumaRECOMMEND. A point-of-sale system that utilizes custom machine learning algorithms to make recommendations for other items based on items currently loaded into a basket.
  • LPB: Lion Parking Bot. An autonomous robotic bot that utilizes deep learning neural networks, stochastic gradient descent (SGD), and image processing algorithms to automate the detection of valid vehicle


  • Privacy and Anonymity in the Age of Deep Learning, Computer Science Research at UAFS, Fort Smith, Arkansas